Ottus – Ghost Travellers

Grow up or become a ghost?
The album is created as an adventure story where each encounter and barrier on the way is the pretext for a song but also for a comic strip! Sometimes listening to the story of a host who welcomes us for the night, sometimes more introspective in the face of the challenges of becoming an adult.

Led by Loïc Holzemer (guitar, mandolin, keyboard, vocals) and Joachim Loneux (accordion, keyboard, vocals), OTTUS offers an adventurous yet gentle indie pop folk, halfway between electric and acoustic.

The three voices, including bassist’s Fanny Vandenbergh (Friday Frida), reveal progressive vocal harmonies that creates a full energy and nostalgia atmosphere.

Jérôme Colleyn on drums (ilia) completes this formation where the music is expressed in contrasts.

This first opus talks of melancholy at times, then exalts the declarations to friends and family that you make along the way.
The stories told support the idea that being a ghost on a journey is not an end in itself.


Loïc Holzemer : Lead vocals, guitar, mandolin, keyboard
Joachim Loneux : Vocals, accordion, keyboard
Fanny Vandenbergh: Vocals, bass, banjo
Jérôme Colleyn: Drums, SPD
Jérôme Baum: Technician
Recorded by eRno le Mentholé
Mixed and mastered by Michel Van Achter
Produced by homerecords.be


UGS HR4446249 Catégorie
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