Tristan Driessens
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Tristan Driessens gained his master degree in musicology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, before going to obtain another master degree in Turkish short neck lute (‘ûd) at Luca School of Arts (Belgium). From 2009 to 2012 he journeyed in Istanbul to fulfill his musical training under the guidance of Necati Celik. He is involved with Ottoman music as well as with more contemporary types of Middle-Eastern modal music (makam). Moreover, he is familiar with European folk and contemporary music. He worked intensively with numerous musicians throughout Europe, most notably Kudsi Erguner (Bîrûn Ensemble), Tcha Limberger, Derya Türkan, Wesam Ayoub Al-Azzawi (Mesopotamia) and Mohamed Abozekry (International Yorgo Bacanos Oud Festival of Istanbul). In 2011, he founded Lâmekân Ensemble, that specialises in musical styles related to Middle-Eastern makam. Their first critically acclaimed album Garden Of Fidelity, Music of the Ottoman Court (M&MT Records, Istanbul) brings a outstanding homage to 19th Century Istanbul.