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  Tine Allegaert
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Tine Allegaert (1988) started playing the violin at the age of four. She knew very soon that her life would be filled with music.
In 2011, she graduated for classical piano with Vitaly Samoshko at the Conservatory in Ghent. There a collaboration arose which led later to the band The Advent of March (rock-opera). In it Tine plays the keys (piano and organs).
Beside The Advent of March, she currently acts as trumpet player with Les Busiciens (world music) and Martine de Kok and band (fine arts - Dutch songs). Les Busiciens validated a childhood dream for her to become a street musician. With this band, but also with other earlier formations, she played internationally in The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, San Marino, South-Africa, R.D. Congo and China.
Apart from being a performing musician, Tine is also active as a piano accompanist and teacher (in music schools), as a workshop teacher (i.a. for Musica) and as a performer (i.a. for Klankennest). As freelancer she likes also doing other interesting artistic and art-education jobs (e.g. in 2017 – a creation of musical theatre in Steinerschool; fill-in for the music theatre ‘Als Alles Kan, Kan Niets Kapot’).

2007 : Transpiradansa! – Transpiradansa! (Appel Rekords)
2008 : Les Busiciens – à la belle étoile
2009 : Transpiradansa ! – Granuba (Appel Rekords)
2009: Snaarmaarwaar – Snaarmaarwaar (gastmuzikant - Homerecords)
2011: Les Busiciens – à la folie
2012 : Al di Miseria – Al di Miseria, demo
2013: De Balcompagnie – Tovercirkeleiland (Appel Rekords)
2013 : De Balcompagnie – Curieuzeneuzemosterdpot (Golden River Music)
2014 : Nele Needs A Holiday – It’s My Party
2015: dr. Eugène – dr. Eugène en de Duistere Praktijk (gastmuzikant)
2015 : Les Busiciens – Rouler Rouler EP
2017 : The Advent of March – Maxwell’s Delusion