Tania Malempré
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Tania Malempré.
I'm grown between dance and theatre and got my first Drama Award at the Academy of Liège (Art de la parole).
Than I met the stage with its classical theatre plays (Molière, Voltaire, Gozzi) and also its contemporary plays (G. Denis L. Jaminet, J-C Danaud, Créations collective…).
Moreover I jumped with passion in creations for younger audience (Théâtre Oz -mise en scène, Théâtre Adrénaline, La courte échelle, Les Jeunesses Musicales…).

Since 1986, I have taught younger and older people how to dance and sing (folk and early dances) during workshops, dance schools and formation for teachers.

Later I came back to my first love: singing and moving, and its 1999 I joined with intense pleasure the female vocal brand « Anakrouze ».
Parallel to this journey towards music for young audiences began with « Chant ‘âges ». For 15 years now I have worked with the company « Compagnie Yvette Berger » for which I currently act « Toutouwii ». http://www.toutouwii.be/.
Turning to my current life, I live in Switzerland (married to a man whose mind is always turned to travelling).
In Luzern I met a female musician with whom I work at the French School of Luzern. We prepare activities for bilingual children (acquisition of the vocabulary of singing, dancing and other arts).
Thus I travel between Belgium and Switzerland… singing all the way!