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  Philippe Malfeyt
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Philippe is as far as lute playing is concerned mainly self-taught.
He obtained the Lute Performance Diploma at the Royal College of Music in London.
He teaches at the Royal Conservatoire of Music in Ghent and at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven.
Most of all, however, he is a real 'performer' and plays as a soloist, as a lute and theorbo-player in various early music groups as 'Il Fondamento','La Caccia', 'La Rosa Enflorese', 'Zefiro Torna', 'La Pastorella', 'La Cetra d'Orfeo', 'Millenarium', 'Rans' etc..
He is also founder and leader of the renaissance-band 'Romanesque', which as earned unstinted praise for its recordings of music by Willaert, Ockeghem and Utendal.
At the moment Philippe Malfeyt is more and more interested in other music genres to give his instrument a new future.
The Far East, the Maghreb and Europe meet in the intercultural lute-group 'Luthomania'. The lute meets the Flamenco-guitar of Michel Gillain. The trio 'Sheng' leans more to the European jazz tradition (with harmonica and percussion).
Philippe is working now on a multicultural program around the Renaissance theologian Nicolas Cleynaerts with flamenco, Arabic, Sephardic and European early music.
Philippe Malfeyt cooperated to a about hundred CD-recordings for Ricercar, Aulosn Erato, Opus 111, Vanguard, Gailly Productions, Music & Words, Eufoda, Sony, Pavane records, Et'Cetera, EMI...