Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles
Other(s) album(s) : , Cuatro con Cuatro , Lea & Kash , Tierra , Quilombo , C'est la voix de la terre , batendo cancelas , Vontade Saudade

Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles was born in Ixmiquilpan in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico. At age 19, he decided to travel across Latin America, starting with his home country of Mexico, in search of traditional instruments which he was quick to master. His collection reflects the continent's very moving history. It ranges from pre-Columbian native instruments to those of the Africans brought by force to the New World and those of the different generations of European colonists.

A resident of Belgium for more than 20 years, Osvaldo has travelled widely, contributing his experience to countless musical projects such as Deep Forest, Marlène Dorcena, Rosa Brandão, Aura Msimang, Abdelli, Sidiki Camara, Ialma, Vaya Con Dios, Karim Baggili, Taïga Maya de Thierry Van Roy & Mélanie Gabriel, and group projects like Apikon-Dia and Blindnote, to mention just a few. He has also collaborated on theatrical productions including Invisible by Philippe Blasband, Bruits by Karl Valentin, and Daniel Danis' Le pont de pierres et la peau d'images.