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  Nicky Frissyn
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Nicky Frissyn, born in Halle on May 1st 1988, followed her first guitar lessons with Johan Van Den Bossche and later broadened her abilities by attending the masterclasses of Eddy Peremans. At the age of 18 she continued her studies at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent. Here she received the opportunity to extensively develop her musicality under the watchful eyes of guitar virtuosi Johan Fostier and Yves Storms after which she received her master’s degree in Performing Arts for classical guitar. Throughout the years she also attended several international masterclasses and internships.

Since 2012 Nicky has been teaching guitar and musical ensemble classes at the art academy ‘Ter Beuken’ in Lokeren for which she received tenure in 2015. In the past she also gained a lot of work experience teaching at several other art academies spread throughout Flanders.

Outside of the classroom Nicky loves nothing more than being on a stage herself. Therefore she takes part in several innovative musical projects such as ‘The Advent of March’, ‘Volta Guitar Quartet’ and ‘Alma Perdida’. In addition to these ensembles, that rather cover the more classical side of the spectrum, she’s also active as a bass guitarist in various pop, rock and soul bands.