Maarten Decombel
Other(s) album(s) : , October Sunrise , L'adorable leurre

From the start, Maarten Decombel (1981) was extremely hungry for all kinds of music.
He plays/forms his first chords at the age of nine, discovers the folkguitar as a teenager and then studies classical guitar at the conservatory with Yves Storms, alongside jazzguitar. He’s currently involved in his own bands like Snaarmaarwaar and Göze as well with Naragonia Quartet and MANdolinMAN. Recently, he’s been working with his own trio that recorded the album “October Sunrise” for the label In the past he has worked with Griff, Rémi Decker, Urban Trad, Christian Merveille and Les Tisserands. His concerts have taken him all over Europe, also to Canada, China and Japan. His style can be described as a unique combination of pumping energy and subtle lyrique. Maarten is often in demand as teacher of folkguitar/ensemble and he also teaches at the music academy of Deinze.