Joachim Lacrosse
Other(s) album(s) : , Living By the Rules we're Making , Sitardust

Joachim Lacrosse is both musician and professor of philosophy. After a long time practicing classical and jazz guitar, he falls in love with a sitar, October 1999 in Varanasi, North India. He starts learning there under Raj Bhan Singh, then heads south to Bangalore, South India, and learns under Rama Rao, and later under his daughter Sadhana Rao.
His style can be called « nomadic », involving round trips from West to East and vice versa. His sitar playing makes Indian sitar techniques (meends or gamaks, etc.) meet Western guitar (chords vibrato, etc.). His original music composed for the project SITARDUST, that he founded in 2012, is mixing hindustani and carnatic elements with European jazz, classical and folk flavours
He is also collaborating with LYLAC, as well as leading and playing in other projects involving narration (Ainsi parlait Kabîr, les Kâma Sûtra). He has performed many times in Belgium (Europalia India, Botanique, Brussels Summer Festival, Cultural Centers, Francofolies, Ferme du Biéreau, L'Aquilone, L'An Vert, Jam'in Jette, Art Base, Cercle des Voyageurs, Muziekpublique, etc.), and also in Mumbai and Bangalore (India).