Frédéric Malempré
Other(s) album(s) : , Traduzca , Dampf , Codicille 2013 , Seahorse , Vontade Saudade

Born the First of may 1969, Frédéric Malempré spends his childhood in a family where dance
and popular music are daily activities. At the age of seven he discovers percussion by practicing the ‘Tapan’. From 1979 to 1983 he takes lessons in percussion with Yves Baibay and André Charlier. From 1983 to 1990 he attends several training courses Afro-Cuban and Cuban percussion. As a musician and polyvalent percussionist Frédéric explores all kinds of music: jazz, French chanson, World Music, folk, old music, classical music,… with amongst others: Facing the ghost, MusicAzur (Pirly Zurstrassen), Tangram, Musique à Neuf, Chris Joris Experience, Hermosa, Jean-François Maljean, Giacomo Lariccia, Marka, Wendy Nazaré, Het Muziek Lod (« La Maison des petites musiques cachées »), Quentin Dujardin, Perles d’Amour, Oblomow, Pastor di Amor, Karoline de la Serna, Tref, S-tres, Didier Laloy invites, Didier Laloy / [Pô-Z]s, Didier Laloy / Noir's, KV Express, Ialma, Quatuor Héliotrope, Zefiro Torna, Luthomania, Andre Borbé, Grouba...
On a regular base he gives training courses (Académie d’été de Libramont and Gaume Jazz) and accompanies workshops in contemporary dance.