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  Fred Pouget
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Fred Pouget started playing the accordion and the bagpipes, before dedicating himself to clarinet, from sopranino clarinets to bass and contrabass clarinets. Soon, his training in musicology, and his multiple encounters with artists (Jean-Mar Padovani, Alain Gibert, Jean-Luc Capozzo and ARFI, Sylvain Kassap, Laurent Dehors) motivated him to develop his writing skills. As a performer, he regularly participates in the projects of Jean-Marc Padovani: Angelus Novus, L'Arrosoir et Mirliton, Encuentros, Le Sud Attaque, Thierry Robin, Francis Mounier all request his performance.

As a composer and arranger, his musical universe revolves around jazz and musical improvisations while conserving the melodic inspiration of traditional music. He is the musical director of several projects (le septet Brasse Bocal, Festival de Bouche à Oreille from 1996 to 2000), until he became one of the core founders of the company, Le Maxiphone Collectif which aims to conduct projects found at the crossroads of improvised music, traditional music and world music, as well as projects destined for the young audiences.

He regularly accompanies amateur ensembles and young people in training sessions or creations and supervises many projects related to amateurs and semi-professionals of music. He plays all sorts of clarinets, from sopranino clarinet to contrabass clarinet. His style, melody and influence come from here and there, everywhere in the world in the course of his travels, and his multiple, varied and eclectic encounters. In his universe of clarinet, he plays different characters: the elegant Balkan, the melancholic Klezmer, the groovy bassist, the alternative Baroque, the free improviser. The sounds and rythms are multiple and varied, the clarinet is indeed always present, but never the same.