Amaury Massion
Other(s) album(s) : , By a tree , Living By the Rules we're Making

Singer/songwriter Amaury Massion has made a name for himself on the belgian and international music scene with his rock band ATTICA. They released two albums You are in Danger (2004 carbon7records) and The Bitter lessons of Attica (2007 – dEPOT214records). He also participated in the innovative performance show -Convulsions, mixing contemporary dance and rock music. While working on Convulsions, he met fellow musician Joel Grignard and the two decided to collaborate on a new project, MY Tvis DEAD. The electro rock band released their album Freedomatic (dEPOT214records) successively in Belgium, Switzerland (Disque office) and France (Mosaïc).
Lylac is Amaury's first solo project, inspired by his travels and his passion for folk music. Lylac's first album, By A Tee, will be released May 10, 2012 on, featuring musical accompaniment by cello player Thècle Joussaud.