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  Alain Frey
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Alain Frey Author-Composer-Performer
Autodidact multi-instrumentalist musician

This street musician boasts of an atypical path. After wandering around Europe with his guitar during 8 years, he finally settled down in Liege. A true-to-life story of a rebel and stubborn jazzman, at the same time bohemian but also very tough when it comes to his musical performance…

He plays gypsy music with the talented violinist Marian Sobol (Poland) and began expanding his instrumental horizons by incorporating saxophone and double bass in his repertoire. Truly, with this kind of temperament, he can easily adapt to the “Ardent City”, the home of Jazz in Europe.

He has welcoming eyes and ears, aware of the luck he has to rub shoulders with Jacques Pelzer, to witness the wanderings of Chet Baker…

He won the 1st prize of improvisation in the Conservatory of Liège through the mentoring of G. List. He participated in a training course for polyphonic and Gregorian songs in Boris Chelevka School. He also won the 1st prize of French song “Face au Showbiz” organized by RTBF. A guitarist trained in gypsy style, he performs with: Ô Juliette, Roméo Swing Quartette, La vie de château, Bilo Adel, Popso Weis, Marian Sobol, Stéphane Poisseroux. He collaborates with artists from all walks of life: Jacques Swingedouw, Bénédicte Davin, Jo Lescaud, Yves Teicher, Stéphane Martini, and he is a saxhoponist of the band Stavroguine.

He also gives lessons and participates in extracurricular activities in many Belgian institutions: Borzée, Château de Péralta, Jeunesses Musicales, Jeunesses Nandrin.

He recorded his first album under the label with the world-renowned Gypsy guitarist Samson Schmitt.

Dance, Music and Theater
- 1st collaboration with the artist Léna Mariel (Verviers)
- Concert tour with the Jeunesses Musicales, featuring the theatrical creation of N. Maquinay “Pas dormir”
- Guitarist of “Jazz Sweet Jazz” with the Jeunesses Musicales and recording of 2 albums
- Duo voice and double bass in “Le genie de la galère” with L. Gaillard
- Double bass and vocalist of the group « The Swing Barons » with: Johan Dupont, JF Foliez, Lee Lebens, Joachim Iannello and the dancers Andy Spits and Joachim Lonneux.