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Lara - free  

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Lara Leliane : an enchanting and adventurous voice.
This singer with a love for innovation developed a musical language of her own, influenced by folk and world music.
She sings in English, French and Spanish.
The lyrics are definitely straightforward.
Most of the songs of the album, Free, were written in what would call a suspended time:
a period of introspection, contemplation, solitude.
By means of strong images and ludic metaphors Lara sings about her close encounter with emptiness, nature, her demons and desires.
Under her eyes the ordinary world seems to convert into a magical place.
To celebrate this happy event Lara invited some excellent musicians.
The oud (Tristan Driessens), known for its mystical character got a privileged place in the opus.
The bass clarinet (Frans Van Isacker) smartly interweaves with Lara’s enthralling voice.
The result is marked by exorcising and exhaustive rhythms (Jens Bouttery).
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