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Didier François - baroque update  

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In Sweden, the viola d’amore a chiavi is called nyckelharpa and despite its danger of extinction (in central Europe), Swedes have kept it alive for the last 400 years.

The Swedish word nyckel means 'keyed' and harpa means 'string instrument', so it translates as 'keyed fiddle'.
The theorbo and viola da gamba have no keys but are also tied with strings.

The three instruments on this album are a so called 'key' to open a world of contrasts; tension and relaxation, light and darkness,...: important keys in the language of baroque music, imagery and aesthetics.

Eager to translate this particular language into a new era, we aim to transcend baroque chord progressions, intervals, harmonies and forms. We're curiously exploring these historical instruments in a contemporary context.

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