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OakTree - Well  

OakTree is an acoustic music trio, exploring the unusual combination of voice, cello and accordion; an adventure into sound colour and texture, full of surprises, nourished by jazz, folk and chanson. A poetic and unbound music brought alive by three generous tightrope walkers transporting their listeners to the land of dream and dance!

After a first album in 2012, intimate and adventurous, oscillating between composition and free improvisation, "well" presents all original compositions, except of a Sam Cooke's cover.
OakTree’s compositions are interwoven with those of their guest musicians Michel Massot (trombone & tubas), Tcha Limberger (violin & voice) and Kristof Hiriart (voice & percussion) approached for the originality of their musical idiom, their spontaneity and the life in their music.
The encounter is magical and rich in many ways! Stimulated, the trio explores new horizons and offers a music that is more grounded and engaged, while remaining lyrical at all times.

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