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Didier François - Sjansons Patinées  

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Sjansons patinées: songs spattered with dialect, soiled and stained, dragged through the mud of raw voices. Voices with a 'layer' obtained from years of sketching and painting a landscape of dreams, jokes, horror and mystery, together with stringed musicians.

Three vocals, three sets of strings and a bass, around Flemish and French speaking songs based on texts from the likes of Wannes Van De Velde, Yves Dardenne and the performers themselves.

Didier François provides the instrumental compositions. Patrick Riguelle, Neeka and Tom Theuns take care of the vocals. On violin and viola: Aurélie Dorzée, on nyckelharpa and violin: Didier François and on cello: Lode Verkampt, bass: Peter Verhaegen.

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