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Didier François - Nyckelharpa Solo  

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The Nyckelharpa is best known from Swedish traditional music but in the 15th Century the instrument was known throughout Europe. Today few people know this wonderful instrument. It has a unique yet typical sound with an organic power hidden in it's bizarre appearance.
The Nyckelharpa will be purely and acoustically presented on this recording in many other forms than traditional Swedish folk music. The CD is filled with a variety of styles: Bach, Ysaye, Satie, a Spanish buleria and also jazz themes such as "Crystal Bells" from Charlie Mariano or a bossa nova by A.C Jobim. Music for everyone with special care taken to unite the differing styles.
The common thread throughout this fascinating CD is the re-discovery of a forgotten, or for some, unknown instrument. The richness of the Nyckelharpa's palette of notes and the retrieval of its long forgotten sounds bring to the surface emotions that deep down we all subconsciously recognize and cherish.

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