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Lylac - Living By the Rules we're Making  

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LYLAC presents « Living By the Rules we’re Making » his most personal record. Here, we rediscover his voice, his style, gently strummed guitars portraying blue moods, and caresses whispered without largesse. Scaffolded between a guitar and a cello (Merryl Havard), arrangements are enriched with a Sitar, a flute, or a few notes on the piano. One enters this album on tiptoe. The sound crackles. The new songs have a nostalgic sweet fragrance, a pastoral psychedelic « Mojo ». On this album, light is always stronger than darkness. Because with Lylac, happiness is here, at hand, found in the little things of the everyday life, in love. LYLAC’s music answers to the call of nature and great landscapes: everything that helps us get back to the most essential things. Close to one’s heart, « Living By the Rules we’re Making » distills eleven melodies free of all mercantile strategies. Making it a terribly valuable treasure.

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