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Amorroma, Traces, Zefiro Torna - Les Tisserands  

Amorroma (folk). For the mediaeval Cathares, AMOR (love) was the opposite of ROMA (Rome), as a symbol for power and oppression. The combinations of these words creates a tension between good and bad, happy and sad, longing and content, progressive and conservative, peaceful and vehement,... It's in all these interactions that they situate their music.

The Flemish ensemble Zefiro Torna was founded in 1996, and brings the cultural heritage to life in a unique fashion, departing from a deep respect for the past. Authenticity is combined with creativity. They incorporate literature, theatre and contemporary or ethnic music in their productions. At times thematic, at other times strongly conceptual or experimental, always showing a strong sense of inspiration.

Traces is experimenting with fusioning jazz, classical and world music. Free interpretation and improvisation, own compositions and European traditionals, oriental influences. Strong melodies and enchanting rhythms.
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