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eRno Le Mentholé - La mécanique poétique  

With La Mécanique Poétique, eRno le Mentholé propose a solo piano album that is made up of sculptured tones and pontaneous compositions insinuated by a colourful mix of fauna and flora. The sounds and the melodies mark out an unremitting migratory flux between the old traditions of Europe, the no man’s land and the afro-american river. An album unlike any other... «A long flow of breath, just like a suspended gaze, ... to
listen to a breath, to listen to a gaze... the shadow and the light play together deep in the space of sound...
eRno is a kind of an interior sculptor, a three-dimensional musical landscaper, with a scissors piano, from the edge of the eyes to the end of the fingers. While transversing from the place where it beats real hard in the chest. And which do us lots of good. Thank you, eRno». Jean-Claude Pierot

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