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Jonathan & Corentin Aussems - Idegael  

Enter the fantastic world of Idegael.
An original work which gather the music of Aussems’ brothers and the visual work of François Schuiten.
Six years after the first edition at the Aula Magna of Louvain-la-Neuve, the Theatre Saint Michel welcomes this unique show, result of a large collaborative enterprise mixing together original compositions, the talents of a symphony orchestra, two choirs (adults and children) and soloists, technical juggling of pictures and animations, and the masterful work of François Schuiten projected and drawn live under the eyes of the spectators.
This is the good time for to present us this artwork of orchestral progressive music, bringing together a hundred musicians, that takes us to the borders of unexpected dreamy landscapes in a splendid album illustrated by François Schuiten.

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