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Turdus Philomelos - Ici Maintenant là Pouf !  

Other(s) album(s) : Grive générale! ,
After a first album, released in 2006, this happy and sonorous bunch of crazy musicians is back with a new musical banquet as only they can provide.

A varied menu of sweet and spicy flavours, served on multicoloured cloths. A delicacy to enjoy as a cure for morosity. A festive and spontaneous music which dawdles without dilly-dallying, which slips whithout falling, which jumps and bounces as it rises up into more solemn spheres. A music where one will find buzzing instruments, funny melodies and singing musicians. A good old Belgian compromise between rural funk and little swing, nontraditionnal folk music and questionable klezmer, field reggae and gooses' ragga...

In short, a music which beats around the bush to go straight to the heart, the body, and everything else.

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