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Nisia - Eredità  

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Eredità in Italian means legacy.
On the edge between tradition, personal compositions and arrangements, the duo Nisia also interprets a few tunes that have reached it thanks to the work of passionate researchers. This work, that helped them to preserve a repertoire that otherwise would have been lost, is an immense source of inspiration for their own compositions.
That is what "Nisia" is made of: of the memory of a people, of songs that come from far, of tales of migration, of work, of journeys, of lullabies and invitations to the feast to celebrate life.
The simplicity of the instumentation opens a straight path to the purest emotion. The intervention of Massimo Laguardia (percussion) and Pablo Golder (diatonic accordeon) add more tone colours to this album.
"We drew as deep as possible, we thrusted our branches up into the sky. What we harvested we simply want to share it because that is the very meaning of music."

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