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Taxídi - Dreamy train  

Simon Fransquet - Isaline Leloup - Rudy Mathey - Zoé Pireaux - Joachim Loneux
A journey through different countries cultures and sounds.
A journey through musical genres that bounce off one another, where jazz, classical, rock and funk rub shoulders with klezmer, tango, bossa nova and other traditional colours, generating harmonious echoes and an intense rhythmic drive.
A journey through composed melodies, arranged and interpreted by guitarist Simon Fransquet, blossoming into full colour through the alchemy of four other complete musicians from diverse backgrounds, whose eclecticism and atypical personalities fuse into a perfect whole.

Young band formed in Liège in 2012, Taxídi is composed by five musicians from eclectic backgrounds. Taxídi means travel in Greek. Simon Fransquet’s compositions are inspired by his trips and meetings. End 2014, after many concerts, they entered the studio at Homerecords to record their first CD
‘Dreamy Train’ with the help of many guests: Karim Baggili, Taio Thai, Quentin Liègeois, Alain Deval, Antoine Dawans and Yano Polis.

‘Even if my compositions are not traditional, they are based on Folk music while being arranged and enhanced with Jazz harmonies, asymmetrical rhythms and sometimes with Rock energy and a classical sound. Taxídi wants its music and performance to be theatrical, thrilling and fascinating. Indeed, its main goal is to keep the audience in suspense and to take its breath away by offering them tools to build its own story. That’s why I have invented a ‘new style’: the ‘world jazz cinematic music’. Simon Fransquet

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