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El Toto café - Bourbon in my coffee  

Since 2009, El Toto café offers us compositions that find their inspiration in typical drinks from all over the world. After their first album “Tututu Toto!” and a tour on the streets of Belgium and France, the two friends start exploring new flavours in a “drinking folk” that they distil with generosity.

Today, they come back with their new album “Bourbon in my coffee” which will be released in autumn 2014 under the label (modern folk).

Their music makes us dive with closed eyes and perked ears in the aphrodisiac vapours and other perfumes, mixed to the bitterness of the roasted coffee.

A love story sipped until the last drop, erotic impulses that make you lose your mind, memories that you constantly try to untangle – these are the ingredients for this new opus which drives us to the euphoria of the soul.

« Drink as much as you can! »

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