5 novembre 2019 concertzender.nl – the night world music

concertzender.nl – the night world music

With the second album entitled Bach in Baghdad, Nawaris led their boat along the river of imagination: – Let’s go to the children’s alley, laugh, cry, dance, discover, invent with them! Let us be J.S. Introducing Bach as a young boy, taken with a sudden desire to travel, a crossing from the Balkans to Baghdad! In this adventure the instruments are the oud, the cello, the bansoeri flute, the soprano saxophone, the voice, the percussions, the drums, the guitar and the violin. From their perspective as children in love, the theme of friendship, that precious moment when one finds it, is subtly placed on their shoulders. Here a story is told, don’t search for words, just a few notes of music.

The Night: World Music

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