10 novembre 2017

Le Batteur Magazine – Marc Rouvré

“Outstanding Belgian pianist, Bernard L’hoir signs a highly personal album with „She’s“.

Well surrounded by a top-notch team, the composer does not lock himself into a style, but makes us travel and discover his imaginary soundscapes. The groove, or rather the ‘pulse’, underlies the eleven tracks, without letting the music fall into repetition, however impeccable it may be.

Alternating between acoustic piano and various keyboards, BL rather plays on the colors, the atmospheres, perfectly highlighting the instruments’ timbres which punctuate the musical speech (guitar, with the excellent Juan.., accordion with R, also excellent, to cite only those two).

The sticks are held by a master’s hand, Teun V, who shows, if it was still necessary, that Flemish drummers are serious clients! Finally, we will salute the sound work (recording, mixing, mastering), simply superb.

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