3 novembre 2017

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Again Ialma‘s new album ‘Camiño’ is a great trip into the musical heritage from Galicia (Northern Spain). In coörparation with Belgian musicians these four (previously five) Spanish singers recorded this metaphorical album on which they build a bridge between Santiago de Compostela and the cosmopolitan Brussels.

Galicia is known for its exceptional Celtic folk. They use the pandareta (small tambourine), the gaita (bagpipe) and of course the wonderful female (unison) vocals. Amazing how the group Ialma cherish the music from their homeland, how they translate their cultural heritage into the 21st century. They are supported by great musicians such as the diatonic accordionist Didier Laloy and guitarist Quentin Dujardin who also produced the CD.

Ialma started in 2000 to accompany traditional northern Spanish dance in the Galician Cultural Centre in Brussels. The Zoku CD label (EMI) was charmed by the ladies’ voices and in 2002 their debut album was recorded. A first step towards a musical cross-over between the Galician folk and contemporary music. After their second CD also the native region of Galicia got interested in their music, and the group regularly returned to northern Spain in search of ancient melodies that they incorporate into their music. Ialma is a rich music group. The singing (in Galego) has a huge emotional feeling with a very characteristic and unmistakable Galician folk sound. Beautiful call- and respond singing, in close harmony put into very tight and enthusiastic expression with sophisticated arrangements (like ‘Maneo and Bruxelas’). In ‘Galeuska’ they use the txalaparta; a kind of Basque marimba played very rhythmically. Particularly attractive are the polyphonic songs like ‘Bicada Pola Lua‘ (Kiss the Moon) or ‘Na Tua Lembranza’ where the flamenco takes the stage. Striking is the performance of ‘Voa Voa’, originally sung by the Italian singer Lucilla Galeazzi on the album ‘Mama’s’ by the French musician Philippe Eidel who was also the producer of Chab Khaled. ‘Camiño’ is splendid record, a metaphor for the musical journey between Brussels and Santiago that hopefully lasts indefinitely, so we can enjoy this fantastic group for a long time!

2016 September

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