30 octobre 2017

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‘Fabuloseries’ is a sparkling new album by the electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy player Valentin Clastrier and the clarinet and saxophonist Steven Kamperman, who invented a new kind of music which excels in the twilight zone of jazz and folk. With resourceful and lovely innovative music they create a new stage.

The hurdy-gurdy is a kind of violin that is not played with a bow, but with a rotating wheel which is driven by a crank. With the buttons you change the string length and so you change the pitch of the tone and in between you hear the sound of the bourdon. The hurdy-gurdy is a wonderful wooden musical instrument from the Middle Ages, due to its weight and size, easy to carry on a journey for a toubadour to accompany himself. Now there’s the hurdy-gurdy in a fine duo with saxophonist and bass clarinettist Steven Kamperman on the album ‘Fabuloseries’. An unusual combination in which the music takes you to the twilight zone of jazz, improvised and folk music. An innovative way of making music looking forward to new sounds. The hurdy-Gurdy player Valentin Clastrier creates new sounds on this instrument. He uses a loop station (so he can play live several parts) and adds electronics (harmonizer and phaser), so the sound becomes wider and even futuristic. The mesmerizing sound, which is mainly caused by the reclining vibrating (drone) provides a perfect surface for the piercing and even screaming improvisations on saxophone and clarinet, as in ‘Hostile et sauvage’, while the piece ’11.5 °‘ sound much more like a folk piece in which the music switches between history and 20th centuries.

These two amazing musicians create music with unprecedented inventiveness. Not every piece is as bright one and occasionally there’s a lot of freaking going on and is not entirely clear what you are actually listening to. But for those with adventurous ears, try this music and you will be amazed of the exciting sounds which will carry you away.

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