26 septembre 2010

Folkworld – Eelco Schilder

Well, all of you who regularly read my reviews know that I like the Belgian Home Records label. They dare to be different and come with unusual recordings for a select audience only. Two new releases has just been delivered. First one by Pianist Bernard L’Hoir. As the title suggest, twelve of his own compositions, spanning the period from 1954 until 2010. All recorded in 2010, but written during the almost sixty years, before. Being parts of several groups and worked with international artists, this album shows his quality as composer and pianist in all its glory. I’m not a piano specialist in any way, so don’t ask me if he touches the instrument in the right way or whatever. I can only say that the compositions are a bit theatrical at moments, a bit jazzy at other moments and very easy going. It’s not music that make my eye frown, but I don’t mind listening to it as well. It’s music that entertains. The second one on the Home records label comes from another solo musician, on the diatonic and chromatic Harmonica this time and is called Thierry Crommen. Together with Chris de Pauw on guitars, Erno on Piano and Achim Tang on bass. This new album contains eleven new tracks. Jazz, blues, light rock influences or just beautiful melodies. Crommen surprises with his warm and professional play. Backed by three great musicians this is a strong album. No folk at all, but music that has the right spirit. Looking back, this were two Home record albums that were a bit out of my league, but especially the Thierry Crommen one, is a nice addition to my collection.

www.bernard-lhoir.com, www.myspace.com/thierrycrommen
Eelco Schilder

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