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Aranis - Smells Like

2Aranis became one of the innovators of new Belgian music in the last 14 years. For this album they once again change course. the point of departure this time will be the music of ‘Nirvana’.
Aranis - Made in Belgium II

2Aranis, year 2014: a Belgian band that brings something definitely off the beaten tracks! The second installment in their "Made in Belgium" series (aka MIB 2) is now on the road...and it's more captivating than a thriller!
Aranis - Made in Belgium

2'Made in Belgium' displays the developments of each composer combined with Aranis powerful interpretations.
Aranis - RoqueForte

2Dark melodies exchange with threatening rythms, raw solo pieces contrast with enthralling improvisations.
Aranis - Songs from mirage

2Between the finesse of classical music and the excitement of pop.