Thibault Dille
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Thibault Dille is a Belgian accordionist, pianist, composer and arranger, born in 1987 in Brussels.
His love for music leads him at a young age to follow various instrument and music theory courses; studies he deepens over the course of a decade.

At age 17, an interest his Jazz music sets off and his enters the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. In 2009 he finishes Conservatory, with a diploma with the highest distinction, as well as the « Toots Thielemans Jazz Award ».
In 2010 he completes with a teaching diploma after a year of studying musical education, and continues in 2011 with a nomination at the « Sabam Jazz Awards ».

Today Thibault Dille amounts musical experiences in Belgium and abroad.

OakTree : Luxembourg-Belgian trio with Annemie Osborne (cello) and Sarah Klenes (voice) whose original encounter goes back into 2008. After several years of playing concerts, the trio release a first CD in 2012, « à dos d’âmes, and a already a second one, « well » in July 2014 for which they invite Michel Massot (trombone and tubas), Tcha Limberger (violin and voice) and Kristof Hiriart (voice and percussion), The trio is invited to perform in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Greece …

Espelhos : Belgian-Portuguese project which carefully intertwines traditional Portuguese music, original compositions and fado. Thibault Dille is musical director of this project and the audience appreciates performances in Quintet, which is received for a series of tours in multiple Brasilian cities in October 2011, September 2013 and October 2014, as well as in Portugal in march 2014, with the release of their first CD « Cançoes Portuguesas » in June 2013.

Contraccordiano : original French project that elegantly mixes jazz, improvisation and traditional music from the Basque country. The concerts come like journeys in which the audience is transported by the poetry and ingenious and sensitive marriage of the piano of Jérémie Ternoy, the voice in all its vastness and percussion of Kristof Hiriart, the warm and precise double bass of Christophe Hache and the lyrical and colourful accordion of Thibault Dille.

Thérain-Dille Duo : Their first CD, "Zatten André", blends adaptations of songs, jazz standards and original compositions. The album has caught the public’s attention rapidly and following several concerts in 2009, the duo went on tour to New-York, Québec and Montréal. Since then, they regularly perform in Belgium and in France.

Thibault Dille is also active in French chanson, he has worked with Luz Chabane (musical direction from 2009 to 2014, releasing one album and four EPs, multiple concerts), withThierry Hodiamont (by whom he is invited to play on a CD released in 2011), with Filochards (project by Claude Vadasz on the theme of textile industry, regularly in concert, CD in 2009) and with« Le Coq et la Pendule », a duo of chanson with Thomas Mailleton guitar, with whom he organizes a tour in Italy in August 2009.

He appreciates being part of many projects of different styles. Hence he can be seen in concert with Christophe Hache (tour in Poland in 2011, in Vietnam in October 2010, November 2011, 2012 and 2013 as well as in autumn 2014 in Vietnam and later in Sénégal) with flaSSh (a show mixing original music, multi-instruments, machines, video projections and light shows, which has the aim of making the crowds dance), as well as with The Summer Rebellion (a wild duo of freak-blues that unchains concert halls in Europe).

Thibault Dille is regularly invited to give accordion and Jazz Master Classes (Hanoï in 2010, 2011, 2012 et 2013) and as a jury for accordion exams in Belgium.
He also composes and interprets music for short films and films diffused at festivals and competitions.

The work and musical encounters of Thibault Dille carry him all around the world, in the most renowned concert halls, the biggest pop, world music and jazz festivals lead him to play with the symphony orchestra of the Hanoï opera (« Red River Suite » first performed in 2013), Maria Joao Mendes, Fabien Degryse (by whom he has been invited to play on his CD in trio), Salif Keita (Zénith de Lille, Festival Couleur Café), The HeadShakers, Bernard Lavilliers (Forêt National-Brussels), Azalaï and many other artists…

July 2014 OakTree " well " / Homerecords
June 2014 Luz Chabane & Thibault Dille " Ainsi Soit Dit Vol. 4 " / Luz Chabane
March 2014 Luz Chabane & Thibault Dille " Ainsi Soit Dit Vol. 3 " / Luz Chabane
June 2013 Espelhos " Cançoes Portuguesas " / d'Arte
February 2013 Luz Chabane&Thibault Dille " Ainsi Soit Dit Vol. 2 " / Luz Chabane
September 2012 OakTree " à dos d'âmes " / Mogno Music
July 2012 Luz Chabane & Thibault Dille " Ainsi Soit Dit Vol. 1 " / Luz Chabane
June 2011 Thierry Hodiamont " Toute l'eau de mes rêves " / Midnight Muse Records
November 2010 Luz Chabane & Thibault Dille " Impossible Rêve " / Luz Chabane
October 2009 Filochards " Filochards" / Culture et Flonflons
October 2009 Fabien Degryse Trio " The Heart Of The Acoustic Guitar Chapter 2" / Midnight Muse Records
May 2009 Therain-Dille Duo " Zatten André " / Culture et Flonflons