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Caçamba - batendo cancelas  

The instrumental music group Caçamba bring out original songs on their second album, always having Brazilian rhythms and Jazz improvisa=on as a source of inspira=on...along with arrangements and counterpoints, that have surely helped the group’s musicality be amalgamated into this fine repertoire.

The Brazilian Cerrado, with its folklore and legends, an endless white sand road full of wooden barriers, the tradi=on of the Brazilian coast and countryside, the carnival in Recife and in Rio and, of course, a ride in Brussels! Close your eyes and the album “Batendo Cancelas” will take you on a trip throughout the Brazilian musical landscapes.

Victor da Costa, who is an ac=ve Jazz musician in Europe, has wriIen most of the tunes. Boris Gaquère, an interna=onally renowned guitarist, contributes to the album with one tune of his own…and a version of “Consola=on” by Baden Powell and Vinicius de Morais provides the finishing touch!

Born and raised in Rio, saxophonist and flu=st Claudio Rocha, who is a former member of Sivuca group, and recognized Mexican percussionist Osvaldo Hernandez complete the quartet with their major musical contributons.
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