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Froidebise Orchestra - Froidebise Orchestra  

Ten top-musicians from Belgium, coming from different styles and horizons, have gathered together around the guitarist/singer Jean-Pierre Froidebise to form a very special kind of “Little big band” with string and horn sections.
The result is a high-energy mix where each musician can express himself in a very wide repertoire ranging from Rock to Funk, Middle-Jazz to Free, Blues to Pop songs and even Classical-oriented pieces, with a surprising unity that never leaves the audience by the wayside.
Each show is a feast of friends with fun and surprises, as free improvisations alternate with strict written arrangements.
3 violinists, well-known for their work in classical orchestras, a horn section with 3 of the best Jazz musicians, a Blues & Jazz harmonica player and a rock-funk rhythm section (guitar, bass, drums & percussions) take the leader's compositions to very high levels, or revisit some masterpieces by his major inspirations such as Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Guitar Watson & Brian Auger.