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Astor - En Bruselas  

Quinteto Astor consists of five musicians united by their fascination and love for Argentine Tango. Inspired by the vibrant Tango scene in Buenos Aires, the members of Quinteto Astor undertook a quest for a similar passion in their own country, Belgium. This resulted in a new album which pays ‘a warm tribute to the passionate Belgians’. For the first time, this cd includes brand new compositions of the band members together with original interpretations of Argentine tango classics. Bass player Katrien Bos transformed Raymond van het Groenewoud’s classic ‘Twee Meisjes’ into a smooth tango waltz called ‘Dos Chicas’, while ‘En Bruselas’ evokes the modest menace of life in the streets of Brussels. Piano player Marijn Goossens composed two attractive milonga’s and the composition ‘Kathango’, reflecting the typical tango staccato sound.
On this album, Quinteto Astor plays a unique quintet version of Piazzolla’s never recorded composition ‘Juan Sebastian Arolas’.
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