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Vincent Grégoire, Elly Aerden, Amorroma - Chants d Amour et de Mort en Wallonie  

This new recording brings together musicians from three different Belgian regions to explore the music of Wallonia.
The program consists of traditional songs from old collections presented in contrast to the premieres of new arrangements, directed by Vincent Grégoire.
The oldest songs are in French, some still in existence today in France, Switzerland and Quebec. Wallonia, as the last bastion of the Roman language in the north of Europe, was able to preserve this heritage as it asserted itself against the encroachment of Germanic culture.
The voices of Elly Aerden and Vincent Grégoire are beautifully supported by the harp and bass of Sarah Ridy and Vincent Noiret. The flute-playing of Jowan Merckx brings a wonderful counterpoint to the main themes.
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