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Jean-Marc Padovani & Paloma Pradal - Canciones  

Jean-Marc Padovani has a strong penchant for Spanish culture. His saxophone has accompanied the most beautiful feminine voices of Andalusia: Carmen Linares or Esperanza Fernández.

Since a couple of years, he has been patiently and diligently refining his collection of Canciones, constantly searching to understand the hermetic mechanisms of flamenco rhythms, Peteneras, Bulerías, Sevillanas…

Today, he delivers us a personal, innovative and unexpected version. Many Jazzmen may have been fascinated by the Spanish music, but only a few have truly fathomed the depth of its soul.

This album contains the sublime ancient Spanish culture, blended with the science of orchestration and the rich discourse of the musician Padovani. The saxophone, so close to the “Ay”, delivers the voice and screams like a cantaor.

The strings and the percussions elegantly magnify the songs through the precision of Julien Duthu, Pascal Rollando and the Ensemble #Musique et Vous. With Paloma Pradal, it's perfect

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